phy angel goku. Rbx clearance. He can hit his full potential with all the SSJ2 allies around him. 2994. Gotcha pokemon go. Thanks for reading! Gotenks (ゴテンクス, Gotenkusu), previously known as Trunkten, is the immensely powerful fusion of Goten and Trunks successfully using the Fusion Dance, and the first successful fusion dance character to be seen in the Dragon Ball series. Feb 25, 2018 - Goku turns into SSJ3 while fighting Kale and Caulifla, as seen in Dragon Ball Super episode 113. December. Fusion Vegeta blue SSJ God and Goku Red Super Saiyan God into Gogeta (DBZ Tenkaichi 3 mod) Richardrobinson98. No he isn’t. 36. On 25th December 2020 By . Super Saiyan 2 Goku. All card art assets are from Dokkan, with the exception of Goku. He likes to call himself, "The Hero of Justice" or "Grim Reaper of Justice". Consider doing the EZA's for the other two when you can afford it. 5 months ago. this is Goku when he first transforms into ssj3, and this is gotenks when he first transforms ssj3, if they fought who'd win? DBZ Dokkan BattleVIDEO'S LIKE GOAL: 900, LET'S GET I Home. While Zenkai 1 SSJ2 Gohan isn't the Son Family Tag's strongest Purple by any means, he's still able to work well on this Team because of its roster of Supporters. SP Saiyan Saga Goku BLU is a superb Supporter who can really enhance his Damage, as is SP SSJ Kid Goten PUR. I know exchange cards' categories usually depend on the initial form, but I threw in Vegeta's Family and SSJ2 for fun. Welp I got 3 Teq Gohans,2 Int SSJ Bardock,INT SSJ Goku (the bulky one),Phy Kaioken Goku,AGL Bardock,AGL Cooler,PHY Feet Kamehameha Goku,PHY SSJ2 GT Goku,TEQ SSJ3 Vegeta (2nd dupe) and AGL Great Ape Turles (first dupe). 1/120: AGL, TEQ and STR Type HP & ATK +30%: Super Kamehameha - Causes supreme damage and raises ATK for 3 turns Details: Unbelievable Speed - Ki +3 for all allies when HP is 99% or below: This is my first card so I would appreciate constructive criticism! PHY Goku (Angel) & Vegeta (Angel) PHY SSJ2 Vegeta (Angel) PHY SSJ Trunks (Teen) UR Category Leader AGL SSJ2 Goku (Angel) AGL SSJ Gogeta AGL SSJ Trunks & Mai (Future) AGL Cell Jr. AGL Metal Cooler AGL SSB Vegeta AGL Nail TEQ SSJ Goku & SSJ Gohan(Youth) TEQ Master Roshi TEQ Trunks (Teen)(Future) TEQ SSJ2 Vegeta TEQ SSJ4 Goku 100% PHY SSJ2 GT Goku Showcase! I got almost everything I wanted the ones I wanted and didn't get were TEQ Turles and STR SSJ Goku. I apologize if the card art looks wonky, or if some things are off. 3877. -1 S.H. 2020. The PHY SSJ2 Goku gives an ATK boost to all allies pre-EZA, but post-EZA, he only gives it to SSJ2 allies. Which would you choose on a full super saiyan 2 team built like this: teq vegeta, agl gohan, int goku, phy gt goku, int gohan/str saiyamanTEQ SSJ2 Goku for that team. AGL and PHY Type ATK +25%: Soaring Dragon Fist - Causes huge damage to enemy and lowers DEF Details: Lightning Strike - ATK +30% at start of turn: Golden Warrior - All enemies' DEF -5% and Ki +1 Saiyan Warrior Race - ATK +5% Super Saiyan - ATK +10% All in the Family - DEF +15% Z Fighters - ATK +15%: Max. A BUILT IN CRITICAL HIT!? well we've had str goku n phy vegeta, agl goku and str vegeta, so teq goku and int vegeta makes the most sense. 2155. It's an interesting change, and it makes me wonder if they somehow accidentally switched the passives between the AGL and PHY SSJ2s . At least Goku is a usable unit with him unlike android 16.Out of the Gokus on Movie Heroes he shares other categories with (obviously other than Goku's family): SBA: 0 (Can be used under LR SSG's LS) SSJ3: Full Power Angel Goku/Vegeta: 0 AGL/TEQ/PHY SSB: Bond of Master/Disciple TEQ SSG: 0 INT SSG: 0 STR Goku: Full Power Honestly, all three are pretty good.