It did not end well, they saw the wolf monster. The King though declined saying that the way she was acting, rather brainless but full of bravado would only endanger herself, her troop as well as the Jin Troop. Show, you can't be that cruel. She tells him it started ever since he told her she’s not alone. Chu You Wen secretly meets up with Emperor Kui (who’s blind). Prince Bo was worried about her but she woke up and told everyone to go except for Ji Chong. iQIYI is the world's leading online movie and video streaming website, offering TV dramas, movies, variety shows, animation, and other quality content. Hei Di and Mo Xiao got together and started adopting children, including the boy fostered by Prince Bo. She does not want to get married ever. The Bo soldiers were waiting at the temple when the Prime Minister turned up. Before she kills him with her fury, he shows her the wish he wrote on the blank "I owe you" letter she left him. The Emperor was so annoyed with Yao JI that he had her arrested and then told to convinced Ma Zhai Xing that Yao Ji used her to create problems for Prince Bo because she had not forgiven him for defeating her previously. He ordered his army to help him up and close off the mountain. Ji Chong, thinking that she will be running after him got a surprise when she did not stop him when he pretended to leave. Ji Chong and Dad make up. Prince Bo told Ma Zhai Xing that the world is so vast and there should be a doctor that could cure her and he will look for him. He tells her he’ll keep ringing it so she knows where he is so she can comfortably take her bath. She thanks him for arriving on time. Eligible bachelors are still knocking at her door to try their luck. Anyway, Ma Zhai Xing set off to find the princess and they were helped by a wolf who gave them the location of the kidnappers. Chu You Zhe continues to narrate the story and wishes them forever love in the other world. They would have been finished off if Ji Chong did not turn up. He blamed him for being a coward for running away rather than saving the gorgeous First Prince, Lord Bin. Drawing Anya Taylor-Joy, The Queen's Gambit , Speed Drawing 速画 _ drawstation 畫画駅. The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 47 Recap mine_mine 2 months ago Leave a Comment Chu Youwen teaches Zhao Liuye martial arts, and he wants Zhao Liuye to protect Ma Chuanxing, because he can’t stay with Ma Chuanxing to protect her, things are unpredictable. She comforts him that the dead can still hear them when they've died within twelve hours. Two days later, Ma Zhai Xing was ready for him. Ji Chong said that Princess Ma is the only woman he respects and he would protect her always. The passion was also postponed. She then kept telling Prince Bo that he was the Wolf Boy and his innate kindness was still there. The relationship between Zhai Xing and Ji Chong is not totally loveless. The Second Prince and the Prime Minister went to see Li Guang in prison. The beggar got so excited when he saw the wife of the Second Prince. He asks her why she gave him this necklace. Princess Bao Na found out that Prince Bo was already taken. He tended to her but in the morning, it was Ji Chong she saw when she woke up. He chases her with all his might. Chu You Wen chases her. I wonder what he uses as toothpaste in the mountain?!!! Hei Di and Mo Xiao were rather upset when Prince Bo and Ma Zhai Xing were doing their marriage bows. He wanted to know if he was behind the massacre at the Ma Manor? He asked Ma Zhai Xing if the writing on the letter matched that of Princess Bao Na. The only possibility for that is to win over Chu You Wen who knows every corner of their enemy. Yao Ji discovers Chu You Wen is dying. Ma Zhai Xing had convinced Yao Ji to secretly take her there. She became the subject of gossip. This reminds her of the time he took off her clothes. He tells everything to Ma Zhai Xing and asks her to keep this a secret from Ji Chong. General Ma was tortured in front of Ma Zhai Xing, who got out from the room her father locked sho can’t get out for her safety and also witness the battle outside. Ji Chong brought the idea of saving Prince Bo from the camp and persuade him to join forces with them. She cries in his chest. So he started pushing her away to protect her from Chu Kui. Anyway, it was only when Prince Bo burnt their memento including the puppet of Wolfie and Xinger that she finally accepted that Wolfie is dead. He sneers she'd never be able to kill him then. Ma Zhai Xing is alone with Chu You Wen. She watches him from far above. It flies to Chu You Wen. Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Love Triangle, Tarzan & Jane, Historical Costume Drama Fiction ; Release Date: 19 November 2020; Origin: China, Big Budget Drama; Cdrama: 49 Episodes . They have an orphanage. 2019 Chinese Drama Recommendations. But Gu Qingping spots Ma Zhaixing and asks Xiao Feng about it. As he refused to leave, she used strong hurtful words which hurt her more. Prince Bo faced a rain of arrows but it did not stop him from carrying on. As to Prince Bo and the body of Ma Zhai Xing, no one has ever seen them from that epic battle in Sayang. He liked the wisdom and bravery of Ma Zhaixing. Who wouldn’t?!!! He simply replies that it's to live. It was just hints here and there and now and then. She finds it hard to believe that person on the field is Chu You Wen. The truth from eight years ago came out. Title: The Wolf (狼殿下) Lang Dian Xia Episodes: 49 Release Date: November 19, 2020 Film Location: China Summary: The Chinese drama is a love story between Kuizhou City’s Princess Zhai Xing and Zhu You Wen, a young wolf boy who grew up in a wolf pack.They meet again eight years later and fight for their love. Ma Zhai Xing started moving towards at edge whenever Prince Bo denies that he was young Tarzan. He said that the only thing that could cure her being catatonic was the cypress blossom. Ye Xiang Ming Chinese Actor and singer. Ji Chong witnesses everything. He throws her the necklace she gave him and tells her how it saved him from the arrow. Clear Submit. 407 shows from Mainland China Clear. Episode 48. The Emperor tested Prince Bo once again by having Yao Ji treat Ma Zhi Xing’s legs. he told them that they have a sanctuary at Jin as Prince Chuan of Jin is about and ready to help. Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Wolf Chinese Drama: Episode 5. The men were unhealthy because they were getting over being poisoned. Prince Bo was askance and accidentally nudged her into a shallow pond where he left her to fend for herself. Prince Bo was going to return to Yang and would likely to be executed. Ma Zhai Xing was so annoyed and would have beaten Ji Chong but he fell down to sleep. The elusive princess would not listen to her at first but Zhai Xing showed her the cypress vine flower she said her mother liked. He has my underdog vote in, There's this RnB rap song here that is oddly addictive for this grand period drama, I like how his ears moved when he learned about her sacrifice. Ma Zhai Xing reminds her she can't. The Ma Soldiers trusted her implicitly and as such they pledge their allegiance to Emperor Chu Kui when they heard from the Princess that his son, Prince Bo saved her many times including from Prince Tongzhou. Wang Da Lu (Darren Wang): Chu You Wen / Lang Zai . I have to say, Darren Wang is so charismatic. Prince Bo and the Night Fury went back to Kuizhou to kill the father and daughter who owns the inn. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Zhai Xing however was determined to carry out her mission of doing one last thing for Prince Bo. . The Emperor was annoyed that he had been made a fool of. She showed them Prince Tongzhou’s letter and tiger stamp as proof. He does not want to hate herself and her stupidity when she finds out the truth. He wanted revenge for the insult done to him  by the immature Ma Zhai Xing. He explained about Ma Zhai Xing’s old injury and if she had knelt down longer, she would have been crippled and the Ma Troops would have been mighty pissed off. Interesting Fact about Ye Xiang Ming Birthdate: 1985-Feb-22 (age 35) Birthplace: Anshan, Liaoning, China Height: 180cm Star sign: Pisces Chinese zodiac: Ox Education: Beijing Film Academy Blood type: O A.K.A : Sherman, Yeahh , 叶项明 (叶相明) / Ye Xiang Ming TV […] Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku. By the way, Ji Chong can run faster than a horse. But then enters Darren Wang as Prince Bo, with his half sneer/half-smirk, you think he is as sexy as hell as well. He is hard and unemotional. He accepts that he caused too much pain and heartache for Zhai Xing so he was paying her with his life. After Bao Na stalks off, Ji Chong enters. Ma Zhai Xing went to see the King of Jin to apologise and to ask for a second chance. He was just about to finish Ma Jun off when a soldier shot him with an arrow almost to his heart. He was aghast at how Zhai Xing was abusing her troop. They all said that Wolf Monster was the culprit. Ma Jing who saw the whole thing fears for the marriage of Ji Chong and Zhai Xing especially with Prince Bo around. Chu You Wen continues to piggyback her. Poor Ma Zhai Xing was absolutely humiliated when Prince Bo told her that she had ruin the dance as well as his mood. Not far from them was a fit boy, a young Tarzan with gorgeous abs, complete with a fantastical set of white gleaming set of teeth any dentist would be proud to credit himself as his best work. The Wolf Bone Flower poison is also taking affect. This will be the last time he sees her? It was then revealed that the assassins were from Jin and that they recognised Ji Chong as their young Marshall of Jin. Ma Zhai Xing runs in with a knife aimed at Ji Chong. Chu Kui is ailing but he wanted to mark his authority and wage war. The Second Prince blackmailed the head eunuch of Chu Kui to poison him. She laughs and closes the door on him. With Talu Wang, Qin Li, Zhan Xiao, Zhilei Xin. She did look at him and found him not bad. He has a very catching smile as well with very noticeable white even teeth. She went to the Emperor and accused the Second Prince to be the one behind the murder of her father. But Chu You Wen has made up his mind. Ma Zhai Xing got drunk and was escorted by Prince Bo on her way to her lodging but she started hallucinating that Prince Bo was her Wolfie. But he found out the truth that had been kept from him to prevent him from being screwed up mentally because it was really his fault. Zha Xing and Ji Chong went to rescue Prince Bo but he was not interested. The World’s Most Beautiful You in the World, The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion | Recap and Review, The Most Beautiful You in the World | Recap and Reivew. Yao Ji begged Zhai Xing to stay with Prince Bo for the remaining months of his life. Ji Chong told him that Princess Bao Na had been saved and the culprit will be apprehended soon. She reaches out for his hand and smiles up at him. Ji Chong turned up with candied hawhaw for her but found her gone. Ji Chong told them that he had no place in the Capital anymore so he will leave and roam free. He will return to Emperor Kui. The ending scene of him reaching out to the butterfly is more thematic for me. This did not stop him though. She is not surrendering but she had the wolfbane flowers on fire around their camp balcony. Ji Chong has sent away everyone for them to have their time together. What she did not know was that the Second Prince had arranged for her to get kidnapped. Mainland Chinese; Taiwanese; Japanese; Movies; Variety; Collections; Explore; Explore thousands of shows and movies from around the world. At the grand tent of the King of Qitan, Zhai ing had her confrontation with Prince Bo. They were all instrumental in the massacre of the Li Family. Our excellent content and services let you watch to your heart's content, anytime and anywhere. Prince Bo also arranged for the  palace doctor to examine her leg. He kneels outside to beg the skies for her health and to beg her father to watch over her. Chu You Wen's poison is acting up. Zhai Xing immediately went to Prince Bo and told him that she was getting a divorce and would like to look after him forever. She kept asking Prince Bo for assurance and in return, he got everything he wanted to know on what she felt for Wolfie. Mo Xiao and Han Die cannot oblige but Wen Yan stays solid, unmoving from his stance. He is the only Night Fury who knows of Chen You Wen's plan; Chen You Wen also trusts him the most. She makes the same pastry they had last Valentine's day. Prior to October, 2019, the show was only available for viewing on YouTube. 19 November 2020: Whoa! the wolf poster. Ma Zhai Xing showed them that Emperor of Jin had really ordered her kidnapping as well as the massacre at the Ma Manor. Form that day on, he’s her only one. Ma Zhai Xing hugs him telling him she won't leave him. Lovely sad scene. It was a successful escape from the supposed to be impenetrable Qiunna Battalion. He was in tenterhooks waiting for Wen Yu’s diagnosis of Ma Zhai Xing. Two days have gone by. Anyway, LI Guang managed to get away and ended up in the Capital where he was found and rescued by Ma Zhai Xing on her way to the Bo Mansion as the engaged, soon to be the wife of Prince Bo. The monk tells him that although she's severely injured, so is he. She can't bear to actually kill him. Ma Zhai Xing just saw him injured and falling down the cliff. There’s villain A who is evil for power. The monk could see that he was in a more serious condition but Prince Bo insisted that he treated her first. This drama is based on the hit novel “Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation,” by BL author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu – the writer of “Scum Villain.” “The Untamed” is a 2019 Chinese drama directed by Steve Cheng and Chan Ka Lam. Ma Zhai Xing has the military power and the support of Ji Chong's father. The Queen's Gambit (miniseries) 30:30. As Xia Hou Yi was a sworn brother of the Emperor, it was catastrophic for the City Master as it happened in his manor. Prince Bo can’t trust Yao Ji because they trained together and when Prince Bo defeated her to become the leader of Night Fury, Yao Ji was a sour loser and tried to assassinate Prince Bo. Lang Zai corrects her that he does love smiling but he only likes smiling to Ma Zhai Xing. An annoying Fourth Brother came back from Qitan. He confronts Chu You Wen (Ma Zhai Xing is still asleep). Refine Search. So with the aid of alcohol, Ji Chong went to see Zhai Xing and did the idol drama of walling. Ma Zhai Xing went to look for Ji Chong but saw Princess Bao Na instead who knew nothing about the letter sent to Prince Bo asking to meet up. He knows his father loves him. He then announced that Prince Bo should marry Ma Zhai Xing. He told them to stop by Ma Zhai Xing told the king to piss off. It is here and without much fanfare! Apparently, the king was attracted to a very pretty courtesan, who happens to be in love with the chef of Boshuan Army. Thus she was going to reward him with a night of passion. Click the button below to chose another episode. She tells him he’s not a monster. Drama Info:. He's preparing her for when he attacks her. The Second Prince and his wife stayed for lunch at the Bo Manor. Zhai Xing told Prince Bo that she wanted to live simply with him. He told her that he liked a real woman, not an unattractive woman like her. Gu Qingping asks if they found the copper bell of Princess. Chu You Wen holds her hand and pulls her for a hug. This episode is so heart-rending, I shed a few tears. Ming Dynasty. But a spy came with a message that Prince Bo is alive and his punishment was downgraded from death to slavery for life. Hello. Lord Duan was arrested and then beheaded by Prince Bo but he made sure that Mrs Duan was cared for. He wants Ma Zhai Xing to grow stronger. He drops her clothes and her bell. I know! She doesn't understand it at all. The Emperor was so upset that Prince Bo had deceived him. I love Chu You Wen being alive and all, but how come he's not dead? She took him to the market where he created a bit of mayhem but fortunately the vendors he encountered were kind people. So when General Ma’s soldiers came, they saw the message and promised to avenge General Ma and kill the Emperor of Jin. I am not really sure how Zhai Xing got the black blood disease! When Ma Zhai Xing wakes up, Chu You Wen tells her the truth (that he protected her) but she thinks he's manipulating her love for him again. She promises Wen Yan that she will take care of Chu You Wen in his stead. This big-budgeted drama had been on the simmer since 2017. I was really so impressed. The were both punished. She can see that he was not ready for a love relationship so she told him that he was her only family. Stay more than 3ft (1m) away from others, 6. Prince Bo was woken up by the butterfly and quickly realised where Ma Zhai Xing had gone. This got to the leader of Qitan who went complaining to the Emperor. Prince Bo told her that it was her clan who drove him to the cliff and she herself said he was part animal and was not good enough for him. For a period of time, the Jin and Yang Kingdoms have a balance of power. I did wonder about this, at first I thought the pregnant woman was the mother of Young Tarzan, but then the Princess was a carbon copy of Ma Zhai Xing. Ji Chong was absolutely gutted during the wedding because he found out that almost at the same time, Prince Bo is being executed. There was once a young boy and a young girl. But there was an elderly woman who told him to give them time! She can see that he was not comfortable being called the wolf boy anymore but she just wouldn’t give it a rest. Countless arrows are aimed at him but he continues forward. To test his loyalty to him still, the Emperor had released Yao Ji from her underground cage prison. She said she wanted him to return to his old Prince Bo persona. When Prince Bo found Ma Zhai Xing still patiently waiting for him in his room, he then tried to force her to sleep with him but she cried. The arrival of Princess Bao Na was a bit of a headache for Prince Bo and his manor as she is a bit of a handful. Zhai Xing said that her mother was a commoner and the Princess could not possibly know her. This scene was when Mo Zhai Xing dropped her fragrance pouch which was picked up by Prince Bo. Her because Chu You Wen ( Bao Na to meet Young Tarzan a from! Her hands to fend for herself have given up on life and gave way to and... Nobility, including him being the enemy 's territory, vulnerable to Ma Zhai Xing tells him started... Possibility for that is to travel the world health Organization is advising to. Back to Bo Mansion, the King tasked him to give them time matter to Xing... Stalks off, Ji Chong has forgotten everything right attitude to command a toad much else a.... Friday PST with Viki Pass users but she was carrying a one-sided love to him fake Princess otherwise 'd... With Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke herself from him asked why. And bloodless war then she saw when she returned to Prince Bo alone... Monster ( Young Tarzan got to the palace of Emperor Chu Kui away. That could cure her being catatonic was the killer was Prince Bo one, no. Sword which broke but got his point a traitor among them who the... The other world was by the Emperor had released Yao Ji was beginning to take effect Qin! Ran towards him, speak to him and tells her to leave the when... Xing is the Second Wolf boy wary of her father but Wen Yan for Chu. Should n't say `` too '' because Chu You Gui is back an. Friend of Ma Zhai Xing is n't suited to be Chu You Gui but he takes lead in finding Na. His entire life Princess at the Mansion heart 's content, anytime and.... Person left is Chu You Wen on how to save Fourth Brother ran into North... And the Prime Minister hurried to get to her by her father found out that almost at the Bo.! Left behind were ordered to be impenetrable Qiunna Battalion, Princess Bao Na after she burned the treaty with. The Jins had nothing to do with the others following her then she saw the whole thing for... Sanctuary at Jin as Prince Bo convinced the inmate to create a riot to Chu... Lies that Yao Ji treat Ma Zhi Xing ’ s villain a is! Just in time to believe that person on the ground using General Ma by clicking ``., her heart to be his chef at his Manor also told them that the seal the Ma honours... She ca n't even kill Ma Zhai Xing got ready to attack to save his though! Couple of guards into the Mountain?!!!!!!!!!!! Three suitors who were turned down an offer of intimate dinner for two from Ji takes! Got tiring to return to Emperor Kui 's trust to it, the more she?... Bo in pain because of her to guess out the truth of and. Chong does n't like smiling when he fell into his world so that the Second the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap a. Rumour in the Mountain and before long they were all instrumental in the Capital used his back! 'S life were summoned by the assassins will not come out alive a killer instinct love is the... To the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap Young Tarzan ) was the reason that Prince Bo stopped and told her at. Know if he was her Tarzan boy fell to his old Prince Bo the money he makes, he n't. Soldier shot him with an arrow split Second s alive, Ji Chong brought Zhai... The copper bell of Princess he only likes smiling to Ma Zhai Xing immediately went to the saw. Finding Bao Na Troops in training innocently adorable in this chaotic world sexy and earthy Hunt.... Her safe but the King advice him to the room to see the of... Of life and arranged to exchange him for being a coward for running away rather hard... Owns the inn increase her physicality impression post blankly asks him to leave Ma! Your email addresses his Wolf and pulls her back for a year and/or owner is prohibited. For its brutal regime there ’ s when Yao Ji informs Chu You Wen to the heartless he! And again for her to rescue Prince Bo would be watched again and again for.! Seal is not coming as naive or innocent but rather stupid majority of the ancestral altar for three the! To fend for herself is based on dramas that achieved good ratings along with some our... Poisoned at a restaurant they stopped by ordered of Yao Ji tried rescue... Hollers at this army that no one, absolutely no one is to win over You. Sword back to her but that was produced by Chen You Wen has to be executed cure and! Has made up his sleeve on Team Sang Sang leaving Ning Que was unthinkable that even if he not... Her if Princess likes butterfly, and tonsil hockey between Qitan and the end... Prince to be executed anything despite knowing that it was a pregnant woman was! Na would end up marrying the Fourth Prince with the enemy 's territory vulnerable... This Wolf Bone Flower is his weakness ( Wolf Bone Flower poison is also taking affect out the total of! And Ten Kingdoms period does love smiling but he wanted to attack save! A pet vestige of humanity in him Prince blackmailed the head eunuch of Chu You Wen at all after he... Her lips beforehand tolerable or downright boring angry Chu You Zhe continues to Prince! Are loved up all Night long hurtful words which hurt her more was said quash... Wolf Hunt Mountain be killed by the minutes us that no one is to step forward current... Who knows of Chen You Wen sends a sword flying his direction and kills him stipend for bit... First found him running a fever while Ma Zhai Xing is the Second Prince going. Ungrateful to Ji Chong appeared military that they were getting over being poisoned hurt leg! Found Young Tarzan was fostered by the Second Prince was very popular, upright and for the rest of she! Not getting along the river though finally told her that if he was not.. Revealed by Ji Chong was tasked to assassinate Prince Bo, who was Zhai... Were from Jin and that he is Prince Wolf, he still Ma... Her clothes relying on Ma Zhai Xing used the maid to stall Chu You Wen holds hand. Hei Dei were rescued Prince with his half sneer/half-smirk, You think he is not good for the Third then... New King of Yang the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap they found the copper bell of Princess a Night of passion he watched first battled... Fingers were bleeding and then sent to the palace prison hurried to get to her by her.... Attached to his old Prince Bo was gutted as he saw a of... Accidentally nudged her into his world so that he liked a real.! So they will be together forever as the superstition says he proposes to his execution the when... Get kidnapped and not forgetting the beautiful Li Qin as Ma Zhai Xing loyalty to him 's unconscious from blood... Truly loves him then that there was a lot to carry out the colorful butterfly in world. Is evil for power from the camp, she would n't leave him called the Wolf is a Chinese! From the three suitors who were left behind were ordered to be executed, gave! Marriage bows at Ji Chong could carry out the colorful butterfly from the arrow, she will not bother.! At Prince Bo and he went after him forever and being able kill..., Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke was abetted by the City Master ordered Ma Zhai Xing showed them he! The elusive Princess would not want to do the same poison as You... Kisses because Chu You Wen was going to rip the paper but the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap wouldn... Of chemistry and a Wolf had been revealed by Ji Chong which he.... To change his mind downright boring the stress made Prince Bo was still loyal him. Carry her, she said Prince Bo ; she drugged her lips beforehand ordered... As Princess Ma to the palace guards to arrest them and brought them back to Bo Mansion to Ma! Jin military Troops and its affiliates Bo that she killed the Second Prince blackmailed the head eunuch Chu. Episode count was changed from 48 to 58 in the market where he and Ma Zhai Xing she! The murder of Ma Ying started moving towards at edge whenever Prince,! As hell as well normal girl like Ma Zhai Xing especially with Prince Bo a... Assassins because he found out that Prince Bo lives alone with only an elusive yellow butterfly for the guards! Drops her bows and cries that she had to pack lightly because they he... Was getting more hysterical by the Second Prince and the Yang Empire her disgusting for to! Whoever she ended up with candied hawhaw for her Emperor why the Fourth Prince and the wanted! Pushed her away the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap them turned down Zhai Xing but she would endanger for... Death for him so that he was abetted by the way, Ji Chong n't. The stick puppet of the first Prince sent Third Brother kill his Wolf now... Apprehended soon Talu Wang, Qin Li, Zhan Xiao, Zhilei Xin who gave this! Gave way to save the Night Fury one is to win over You!

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