Deus Caritas Est, 3. ... Caritas. Today, however, most Catholic officials see Opus Dei as they might see Caritas or the Salesians: as another piece of furniture in the Catholic living room. In the words of Pope Francis, “It is more difficult to let God love us than to love Him! The Encyclical is divided into two long parts. ... De Civitate Dei, IV, 4: CCL 47, 102. The Caritas Society was founded in 1985 by Bishop Pierre DuMaine to provide significant financial support for the ongoing work of Catholic Charities in Santa Clara County. For a Christian love is not abstract or general; it is specific. Pontifical Council for the Family, The truth and meaning of human sexuality (1995). "quia" in this context 'wants' to set up a clause like "since the love of God x".If you want to say something like "I do x for the [sake of] the love of God" you would use the ablative of cause, (pro) caritate dei or (pro) amore dei.Finally, if you wanted to say something like "I search for the love of God", you would probably use a dative of purpose, caritati dei or amori dei. One of the three theological virtues, along with faith and hope (1 Cor 13:13). Ephesians 3:15; John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, 14. The first, entitled, "The Unity of Love in Creation and in Salvation History," presents a theological- philosophical reflection on "love" in its various dimensions - "eros," "philia," and "agape" - highlighting certain vital aspects of God's love for man and the inherent links that such love has with human love. Love of God, and thereby of neighbour, is the basis of Christian life, as thereby is authenticated the imago Dei (picture of God, ed.) "Caritas Dei" means the love of God. Caritas , a Latin word meaning “charity,” was chosen to acknowledge the generosity of individuals who annually contribute gifts between $1,000 and $50,000. Deus Caritas Est, 7. This is the text that appears promulgated in the Vatican's official gazette of record, "Acta Apostolicae Sedis". Semper Fidelis, Veritas, and Dei sub Numine Viget are the mottos of the United States Marine Corp, Harvard University, and Princeton University respectively. Often, the accepted translation of mottos differs from the motto’s literal meaning. The word is derived from the Latin caritas meaning love and is used to translate the Greek word agape (ἀγάπη), a form of love in which one sacrifices one's own desires. God invites us to a relationship with Him. Deus Caritas Est, like the encyclicals of many previous popes, including Pope John Paul II, uses the Royal we in the official Latin text ("cupimus loqui de amore"). Deus Caritas Est, 18. Human translations with examples: god, god's love, love each other, for the love of god. which we are. Personal prayer is our response to that invitation. Deus Caritas Est, First Encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI, God is love, Caritas, agape ... we cannot simply prescind from the meaning of the word in the different cultures and in present-day usage. It is a drawing near to the heart of God where we express our love for Him and allow ourselves to be loved by Him. Moreover, Christian love is specific and particular, as it is directed towards a concrete individual. Karol Woytyla, Love and Responsibility, San Francisco: Ignatius (original Polish edition: 1960), 123. Contextual translation of "quia caritas dei" into English. The process to choose a prelate.

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