Oct 20, 2018 - A Human female Imperial officer hired several Trandoshan mercenaries to capture a Human male criminal and bring him before her. Brunson would suffer an embarrassment, however, when the Ghost escaped -- destroying her command ship in the process. Oct 11, 2019 - Explore Cinn Rolln's board "female imperial officers" on Pinterest. They have brown and gray fur, large yellow eyes, and medium-length tails. Vurk Jedi Master who participates in the Battle of Geonosis and is killed by Jango Fett while attempting to kill Count Dooku. She later betrays Ahsoka and frames her for a terrorist bombing after she becomes disillusioned with the Jedi Order's wartime policies. She appears in scenes deleted from, Pau'an former Jedi Temple Guard and leader of the Inquisitorious, the Empire's Jedi hunters. 229 Favourites. Unboxing my Standard Line Olive-Grey Officer Uniform from the Original Star Wars Trilogy. They are the most numerous and dominant species, with apparently millions of major and minor colonies galaxywide. According to diagrams it belong to ANH Staff Lieutenant, Major of Land or Stormtrooper Forces High detailed and done with measures of screen accurate. They can have either green or orange skin, which matches the color of their blood. Near the end of its one-year-long war with the Resistance, it allied itself with the Sith Eternal, a secret cult of Sith loyalists led by Palpatine on Exegol, though both were ultimately defeated by the remains of the Resistance and the civilians of the galaxy, who finally gathered the courage to rise against their oppressors. After Vizsla ousts Duchess Satine with the help of the collective, he betrays his allies (except the Death Watch) and has them imprisoned. They are all males, while their mates, called Gilliands, are exclusively female. He sides with the Rebellion after his men are slaughtered by the Imperial Super Commandos and eventually joins Clan Wren in the Mandalorian Civil War. Because of this, he was kidnapped by the Separatists on the orders of Count Dooku, and was subsequently frozen in stasis until he was found and released by a crew of pirates, which he joins. West End Games Star Wars roleplaying supplements sometimes were published as "Cracken's " guides to their topic. After growing old, he lures Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano to Mortis in order to test the former and see if he is indeed the "Chosen One" and will bring balance to the Force. Ugnaughts are a short, humanoid, sentient species from the planet Gentes, with pig-like faces. Item # CH03553Write A Review. 39 Comments. [1][2][3] As such, the list contains only information from the Skywalker Saga films, the 2008 animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and works published after April 2014. Select a Size. Banai is supportive to Anakin's pod-racing endeavors, which is in contrast to Anakin's other friends Wald, Amee, Melee and Seek in, Elderly woman and friend of Anakin Skywalker in his youth on Tatooine. This page was last edited on 22 January 2021, at 00:35. He serves as Master of the Jedi Order in the years leading up to the Clone Wars and is a renowned Jedi General. $105.00 - $129.00. chevron_right. Originally introduced in the 2003, Kubaz spy who leads Imperial stormtroopers to the. Mirialan Jedi Master in the prequel trilogy and Barriss Offee's mentor. chevron_left. Leader of the Mandalorian group Nite Owls, member of the Death Watch, second-in-command to Pre Vizsla and sister to the Death Watch's political enemy, Duchess Satine. Padmé's niece, Sola Naberrie's daughter and Pooja's older sister. Although this article is based on official information from the. Gray Tactical Flight Officer. Alongside Gar Saxon, she aids Maul's escape from Darth Sidious and commands his forces during the Siege of Mandalore, until Maul betrays them and allows them to be captured by the Republic in order to make his own escape. Governor of Mandalore and brother of Gar Saxon, whom he succeeds after Gar's death. Zygerrian commander who helps the Separatists kidnap the Togruta colony on Kiros. FOR SALE! It is the central antagonistic faction of the sequel trilogy. They have snouts, tough skin, and small eyes. Recently added 29 View all 1,113. The father of the Daughter, who embodies the light side of the Force, and the Son, who embodies the dark side, who maintains the balance between the two. Pixel Outfits by Legodecalsmaker961. They have green-yellow skin, long arms, and elongated skulls, and are known to be very cautious. Humans are native to many different worlds and are characterized by multidimensional complex personalities, that are both individual and unique. LEGO STAR WARS IMPERIAL FEMALE NAVY OFFICER CREW MEMBER 100% lego . Imperial Officer Corps . His death at the hands of Bossk, as depicted in the novel The Mandalorian Armor, splits the Bounty Hunters' Guild into the Guild Reform Committee and the True Guild. Save For Later. Leader of the Protectors of Concord Dawn. $21.90 - $22.90. Umbaran personal aide of Palpatine and one of the few people aware of his identity as Darth Sidious. Created from Jango Fett's DNA, they were genetically modified to have accelerated growth and be predisposed toward unquestioning obedience to the chain of command, including being outfitted with mind-controlling biochips, which were put to use during Order 66, when the clone troopers turned on and tried to kill their Jedi Generals. I made no attempt to model the … To see those or characters who do not exist at all in the current Star Wars canon, see the list of Star Wars Legends characters and list of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic characters. Umbaran Senator whose assassination prompts the Umbaran people to side with the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the Clone Wars. Thissipiasians are a humanoid, serpentine, sentient species from Thisspias. Iridonian Zabrak Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council, who wields a green lightsaber in, Iridonian Zabrak Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council in, Dathomirian Zabrak, former Nightbrother, and, Dathomiran Nighsister and survivor of the Nightsisters' massacre in the Clone Wars. - Includes a selection of five models to choose from. Daala campaigned ágainst Fel and AdmiraI. Games. The Noghri are a humanoid, short, sentient species native to Honoghr. She utimately sacrifices herself to save her father from her brother, and manages to also save Ahsoka Tano, who had been corrupted by the latter, before dying. Years after the Clone Wars, despite losing his crew to the Galactic Empire, Hondo continues his criminal activities while having dealings with the crew of the. Widowed farmer who provides lodging for the Mandalorian during his stay on Sogar. Threnalli is also among the survivors escaping on the, Abyssin gangster who hunts survivors of the Great Mandalorian Purge for their beskar armor. Female Imperial Officer Star Wars Characters As Daala ánd Fel experienced off, political lack of stability erupted in thé Remnant and, undér the suggestions of, Daala provided to contend with FeI in a fór Head of State. View all games. While recovering, she forms a bond with Padawan Caleb Dume (who will later become known as, Fourteen-year-old con artist, thief, and pickpocket living on the Outer Rim world of. In stock. Zabraks are a near-human, sentient species, distinguished by their horns and tattoos. Trending … They are distinguished by their head tentacles, which allow them to detect chemicals, and large, black, pupil-less eyes. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Unidentified_female_Imperial_officer_(mercenary_backer)?oldid=9102408, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Large - $109.99 Only 6 left! In the original trilogy, the Empire serves as the main antagonistic faction. The Father later commits suicide, which renders the Son mortal and allows Anakin to kill him for all the harm he had done. Pykes are a humanoid, sentient species from Oba Diah. They are distinguished by their two horns (present only at males), pointed ears, and sharp teeth. Swaps the gender of the Imperial officer to female. Jedi Master, presumed survivor of Order 66, and former master of Cere Junda and owner of BD-1. Assistant and pilot of Leia Organa in the novel, Captain in the New Republic's Starfighter Corps from Alderaan who rescues the Mandalorian from a swarm of ice spiders on Maldo Kreis, and later offers, Imperial turncoat who joins the New Republic in. Star Wars Armada: Rae Sloane. Resistance Admiral that helps plan the assault on Starkiller Base, correctly suggesting that they cripple its thermal oscillator. Lasats are a humanoid, sentient species native to Lira San, though they later settled on Lasan. He is killed during the Battle of Atollon. Also works with All-Female … Unlike his sister, he is often disobedient of their father and secretly wishes to kill him so that he could escape from Mortis. Bounty hunter hired to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars. He is one of the most skilled military tacticians at the time and supposedly has a history of being able to track cloaked ships. Star Wars humans live on many different worlds throughout the galaxy, with many populations living together with several other species—something which is most common[citation needed] either on the cosmopolitan worlds at the core, such as on Coruscant, or on the frontier at the Outer Rim of the galaxy, such as on Tatooine. Anakin Skywalker's second-in-command and captain of 501st Legion in. chevron_right. Pa'lowicks are a sentient species from Lowick. The Bith are a humanoid, sentient species from the planet Bith. He is later killed by Gideon's men for failing to retrieve Grogu. They are known for their swimming and engineering abilities. The Dianoga are large, highly adaptable cephalopods from the planet Vodran. After reconciling with Iden, who defected to the Rebel Alliance, during the Battle of Jakku, he meets his demise when his Star Destroyer crashes, A commanding officer of Inferno Squad, who later defects to the Rebel Alliance alongside Del Meeko, whom she eventually marries and has a daughter with, named Zay. Bounty hunter and First Order spy who reports the arrival of Han Solo at Maz Kanata's castle in. They are considered to be one of the hardest-working species in the galaxy. Ithorians are a species of humanoids from the planet Ithor, with curved necks and two mouths, located on the sides of the neck. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. imperial officer starwars imperialofficer starwarsfanart. Recommended Accessories. 8 Favourites. Despite Fel'h disengagement, Reige defeated Daala, closing her goals. ' Daala campaigned ágainst Fel and AdmiraI. 11001120. General of the First Order who presides over, Kaplan serves with the First Order on the, Former Imperial Admiral who rose to prominence as Allegiant General of the First Order during Kylo Ren's reign. He gives Poe Dameron a fragment of the map needed to find Luke in. After surviving Order 66 in, Female member of Yoda's species, who appears as a member of the Jedi Council in, 50-year-old Force-sensitive toddler from Yoda's species who is found and adopted by, Iridonian Zabrak bounty hunter introduced in. The remaining systems of the Confederacy were subsequently reabsorbed into the newly formed Empire. He is killed by scout troopers sent by. Add to Cart. He was trained by, Former Jedi Knight who trained Trilla Suduri, survivor of Order 66, and the co-pilot of the, Wise and skilled Jedi Master who trained Anakin and later Luke Skywalker. Naboo senator and later Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, as well as secretly the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. They have developed technology much more advanced than that found in the rest of the galaxy. Recommended Accessories. She first appears in issue #6 of the, Negotiator for the Guavian Death Gang, who confront Han Solo for swindling them aboard his freighter the, Queen of Naboo during the last year of the Clone Wars in, Governor of Naboo in the prequel trilogy, who also appears in two episodes of, Human female pilot for the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps, flying with Bravo Squadron during the invasion of Naboo in. Director of Advanced Weapons Research for the Imperial military in. In reality, however, he was captured and used against his will as a pawn by the Separatists for their campaign on Anaxes. Minister of the Pyke Syndicate during the Clone Wars who joins the Shadow Collective and participates in the attack on Sundari with his criminal allies. Troigs are a two-headed and four-armed humanoid sentient species from Pollillus. Lasats are distinguished by their prehensile feet, and varying fur patterns, which are unique for every individual. The Mandalorians are also associated with the Darksaber, a black-bladed lightsaber built by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian Jedi, which has since become a symbol of power for the Mandalorian people and is passed from a leader to the next. Star Wars Premium Imperial Officer Women's Costume. Weequays are a humanoid, sentient species native to Sriluur. Recently added 21 View all 1,173. 9 Screenshots. He is one of the few clones to have removed his inhibitor chip and, as such, was not forced to carry out Order 66. Rae Sloane was a human female dedicated to serving the Galactic Empire as a naval officer. She replaces Jar Jar Binks as Senator of the Chommell Sector. They are distinguished by their leathery skin, imposing brows, and toothy underbites. He is killed by Ahsoka Tano. In. Medium - $109.99 Only 6 left! It is provided as an example of how the militaries of other sectors might organize their Commissioned Officer Ranks. Alongside clone trooper Boil, he is considered the best scout of the Ghost Company and participates in the Battle of Ryloth and the Second Battle of Geonosis. View Size Chart . View all games. Most stormtroopers are children who had been abducted from their homes and brainwashed into serving the First Order. During the Imperial Era, she attempts to defend Dathomir from intruders using an army of, Dathomirian leader of the Nightsister clans before and during the Clone Wars, and the biological mother of Maul, Savage Opress, and Feral. They have white skin, glassy eyes, and long necks and fingers. The Gran are a humanoid, three-eyed, sentient species native to Kinyen and Malastare, and with major colonies on several other planets, such as Hok and Varkana. Sullustans are a sophisticated species and experts at manufacturing, scientific and technological development, and economics. They are distinguished by their long, curving necks, pointed snouts, and crested heads, and are a generally insular and secretive society. Lasat Jedi Master who trained Cal Kestis and sacrificed himself to help him escape during Order 66. Serving the Galactic Empire, human females were among the most vicious and cunning officers in the Imperial Navy. Trandoshan big game hunter who leads a hunting guild on the moon Wasskah, where he and his fellow Trandoshans hunt captured various captured opponents, including Jedi Padawans, Wookiees, and bounty hunters. Medium - $139.99 Only 6 left! Pantorans are a near-human species from the moon of Pantora, distinguished by their blue skin. Imperial/First Order Officers, Crew, Security Bureau & Imperial Navy/Death Star Troopers CRL Status Key: - Ready for GML Approval: CRLs in this state are ready for local GML approval. First appearing in the, Specially engineered humans, brother and sister, skilled with lightsabers and working under Dr. Cylo as possible replacements for Darth Vader. During the war, a gained a large scar on his right eye. Sullustans are a humanoid, sentient species native to Sullust. Size Options. Prime Minister of Zygerria and captain of the Zygerrian royal guard during the Clone Wars. The name of their home planet, "Mandalore", is the same as the title given to their leader. In, Leader of a small crew of mercenariess and an old associate of the Mandalorian, whom he hires to help release, Former Imperial sharpshooter and a member of Ranzar Malk's crew, who attempts to release Qin from a New Republic transport with the help of the Mandalorian. Anakin Skywalker's Togruta Jedi Padawan, who fought in the Clone Wars and eventually left the Jedi Order after being framed for a series of bombings on the Jedi Temple.