Everything for the Water to the Woods!


Bear Bait is available for pick up Thursday - Monday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(closed Tuesday and Wednesday)

Our selection can change on a weekly basis; please call ahead, 715-656-3116, to check availability.

*Prices and availability subject to change* ~ Updated 10/4/17


Granola, 5 Gallon$10.00
Trail Mix, 5 Gallon$10.00
Circus Peanuts, Orange Slices, or Strawberry Concentrate Filling$8.00 each
or 3 for$21.00
Cookie Dough, 18#$4.00
or 3 for$11.00
Fruit Snacks or Gummies $8.00
or 3 for $21.00


Granola, 900# $200.00
Cookie Dough, 2000-2500#$350.00


Maple Syrup or Cherry Filling (5 gallon)$17.00 each
or 2 for$30.00

Liquid Smoke

5 Gallon$30.00
1 Gallon$9.00

55 Gallon Barrels

* $8.00 Deposit on all barrels


Also available ~ assorted sprays, Code Blue bear scents, and many other bear attractants